Agence Maora



Two years ago, Maora was born. Well, a bit more already, since Maora is me. 
Maora is the perfect combination of the name of a beach in Corsica and my first and last name. 
Maora is a communications and web-design agency ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy you.


Visual identity

Maora’s expertise is simple: from logo design to graphic design and redesign. Your corporate identity will reflect you as well as your reflection in the mirror.

Web design

The website is your company’s commercial showcase. The same showcase that may or may not interest a customer in the space of a second. To give you the best chance of success, Maora designs and creates your e-commerce site or your customized showcase site using WordPress, Wix or Webflow.


Visual identity l Web design l Illustrations


Camille. D

« Margot did an excellent job, just what I wanted!
Her work reflects her personality and the professionalism that comes from her experience! She’s a good listener, meticulous and patient, and will do anything to satisfy her customer’s request 100%!
I really recommend her work and wish her every success in her future. »

Carolina. S

« I’m very happy with Margot’s work. She very quickly understood what I needed and was able to put the right elements in place to convey my message to the audience. »

Marie-Pierre. B

« Margot is very good to work with, attentive to aesthetics and conscientious. She takes into account our requests and knows how to satisfy them. I’m delighted with her services. »



Because they put their trust in the Maora agency!